Thursday, May 28, 2009

History week Pt 1

Last Friday as part of our history week studies we went on an historical tour of Mount Lofty Botanic Park.

Usually we visit here for nature study(and indeed we saw some exciting nature(scroll down to bottom of post!)but this was a tour about the history behind the park.
It is a testament to men and women of
in the past that we have such places today.
Isabelle,our tour guide had a very personal story to tell about this weeping oak. It used to reside in her aunts garden at Stirling,

but when the freeway was being put through and many of those beautiful gardens had to be requisitioned it was moved to Mount Lofty Botanic park. It was at least twenty years old then yet like all the "freeway rhododendrons" that were moved at the same time it survived.(as a side-note to those trees: only two or three didn't make it through the summer(!!) of the move and the Ash Wednesday bush fires also missed them!)Isabelle's aunt ran Primrose Tearooms from her Stirling garden, I wonder if anyone reading this blog remembers them!

This was the highlight of our visit. There were two of them, and they were so tame they ended up feeding

out of ds's hand!

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