Saturday, May 30, 2009

"The Woman" by Fulton Sheen

I discovered this title in our bookshelf this month. If you are a homeschooling family or bibliophiles you will know how easy it is to find new discoveries amongst your own shelves! Here is a quote from the second chapter just to wet your appetite.
"without her we can never get to our lord. She is not to be compared to our Lord, for she is a creature and He is the Creator! But if we loose her we cannot get to Him! That is why we pay so much attention to her;without her we could never understand how that bridge was built between heaven and earth!
You may object and say:"Our Lord is enough for me. I have no need of her." But He did,whether you do or not. But what is more important, our Blessed Lord said we needed her, for He gave us His Mother as our Mother. On that Friday men call Good when he was unfurled upon that Cross as the banner of salvation, He looked down to the two most precious creatures He had on earth: His Mother and His Beloved Disciple John! ...Now in the darkening shadows of Calvary He adds a codicil to his Will. there beneath the Cross, not prostrate, but as the Gospel notes "stood" His Mother. As a Son He thought of His Mother; as a Saviour He thought of us. So He gave to us His Mother, saying;"Behold thy Mother." Then speaking to Her He addressed her under the title of universal motherhood."Woman," and reminded her of each of us:"Behold Thy Son."


Mrs.Pogle said...

That's lovely!

The Rose Garden will be closing temporarily on Sunday evening, British time, for an up-grade. We shoulsd be back online on Wednesday with a brand new look, so hope to see you then :¬)
Mrs.P xxx

A Homeschool Story said...

I love this. I have often asked my non-Catholic friends how they deal with not having a mother/goddess/woman figure in their spiritual lives. There are days that Mary has gotta be the only one who could be of any help to a mother! I alternate zen meditation with "Hail Mary's" in my own way of praying and dealing with life!

Lovely blog!


Cindy said...

I grew up Catholic and now attend a Baptist church, though I still love the Catholic. However, I never believed in praying to Mary. Timothy did say there is only one mediator between God and man, the Man Jesus Christ.
I just wanted to give me opinion.

Thanks, love your blog!

Aliadelaide said...

Hi Cindy
thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will feel welcome to come back often!
St Paul says "there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus(iTimothy2:5); but "one" here (eis) means "first" not "only". Just as we share Christ's sonship by participation(Jn1:12), we share his work(cooperation) of our salvation(Phil2:12). Mary does this too, in a preeminent way.And in fact, not only Mary but all Christians share in the work of cooperating with God(1Cor3:9),mediating his grace,being instruments in his work of salvation,and being advocates for others by effective intercessory prayer(jas5:16).If Mary cannot do these things,we certainly cannot;if we can,she certainly can. For"she uttered her "yes""in the name of all humanity"(St Thomeas Aqinas)