Friday, May 15, 2009

Our family altar this May

I am privileged to attend a delightful Catholic mothers' meeting at a good friend's house once a month or so. Last meeting we were shown how to turn an ordinary garden pot into a minature Mary garden.
We painted the edge of our pot and saucer with gold paint. Next we took some beautiful wrapping paper and tore it up! That's right...and the boys really enjoyed that part too!
Then we slopped on lots of white craft glue(the sort that dries clear)and stuck our paper to the pot.
Once the pot was covered we gave it a final coat of glue.
My children didn't want to wait for seeds to sprout as they already had moss and other plants to put in their garden.
A word of warning:While it is a good idea to put your pot outside each day(the plants are outside plants after all)I do not recommend you do what we did and leave your pot out in a shower of rain. If you do the outside of your pot will become covered with sticky white spots and you may panic! ...However if this does happen rest assured this is only a lesson in patience. Your "work of art" is not "a ghastly mess which we might as well just throw in the rubbish mum" but if rescued will dry eventually in the warmth of your autumn living room. All of which shows how much natural "science" takes place in a homeschooling family!
Back to our project!!:Then they decided to paint the letters(the picture doesn't show what a beautiful "duck-egg blue they created, such a soft,gentle colour) for the word blessed
(which is what the Archangel Gabriel called Mary when he visited her); they want to add Grace too but if you don't know how hard it is to find wooden E's' and A's then go on a hunt at all your local variety stores.(unless you live in the States where all craft things seem to fall from the sky like mana from heaven...if we are to believe all crafty bloggers!!). But putting all that aside here is our family altar for May.Do you have a special place set aside for family prayer. Well if you are a reader of this blog;please feel free to share.
I always think it is interesting to discover who actually visits your blog,apart from your loyal followers and regular commenters.You find this out when you visit another blogger and see on their side-bar that they visited you a few hours ago. Obviously you weren't home or they would have said "hi" right?


Cindy said...

Nice altar! The project sounds like fun. I'll think we'll try it with our kids this weekend. Very nice blog.

Aliadelaide said...

Thanks for dropping by Cindy,hope to see you back again!

Catherine said...

I love the mary garden it is a lovely idea. really nice altar too. thank you for sharing it with us