Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pentecost preparations

We have been reading this book and making some of these as part of our preparations for Pentecost this weekend.Ds turns 12 on Sunday too. he is actually more than reconciled(11) to 

sharing his birthday with the birthday of the church. 

"After all", he said "when everyone says happy birthday to me I can say back; 'and a Happy Birthday to us all!!'". 

       We have been enjoying our re-reading of this book so much.We almost felt we could imagine ourselves back in time; no not to Pentecost itself but to those early years after. We imagined the Jewish Christians creating special ways of remembering that day,just as we are doing this week. 
     We thought about families,mothers and fathers sharing their excitement with their children, of communities arranging to come together to celebrate a memorial. We thought of their excitement,perhaps they had been in the crowds on that day in Jerusalem or they knew of someone who had. We remembered how so much of these celebrations would have to be secret as not only were they facing persecution from those outside the Jewish community but also from fellow Jews.
      Yet none of this would have been able to stop their joy, like bubbles fizzing up out of a gaseous drink their longing to remember and to go on remembering would have been unstoppable!!

Oh and I forgot to add we also have a violin concert on Sunday!

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