Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Powerful Pickle Problem

"Grandad Pickle’s Pickle Palace makes the best pickles in the world. There’s Plain Pickle, Popular Pickle, Particular Pickle, Perfect Picle, Princely Pickle…

…But best of all is Powerful Pickle. It is the choicest,tastiest, most original pickle ever known. All around Copper Creek Powerful Pickle is famous. Life at Copper Creek wouldn’t be the same without it.

But one day disaster strikes. Grandad Pickle falls off Bess the horse and bumps his head…and forgets the special, secret, ingredient for his powerful pickle recipie!

Now Grandad Pickle is grumpy as he has never been grumpy before, and even Granny Polly isn’t her usual cheerful self.Robert nd Anne must do something before it is too late.

Can they restore Grandad Pickel’s memory? What will happen to the Pickle Palace’s reputation?Is Powerul Pickle doomed to be lost forever?

Power Pickle…powerful problem!"

The Powerful Pickle Problem by Sally Farrell Odgers is a delightful picture of Australian country life in the early 1930’s. The illustrations by Lorraine Hannay compliment the exuberance of the script.The book is not long but at its close we are left with a good understanding of Australian country life in the 1930’s and a wistfulness for days gone by. We would recommend this book as part of any Australian studies unit.

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