Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mary flowers

Wondering what to do with a bag of silk petals? Well it helps if you have a creative friend who shows you how to turn them into these.
At present we are placing one flower up each evening we pray our family rosary but I can't help think these would also be useful for "fidgity" youngest son when he prays a decade. He could have ten flowers and each time a prayer is said he could place it in a small basket. Then tip them out and start again with the next decade. He has a set of rosary beads(several actually!) but remembering where he's up to with "all those beads" sort of takes his attention away from their purpose(prayer!). I also think he would like the visual association of giving a flower to Our Lady each time he prays.


Catherine said...

look forward to seeing your altar what day did you say you would be posting it again. being new to blogging I accidently deleted all my comments today and i can't remember when you said you would be posting your altar.

ps O have added you to my blog role

Aliadelaide said...

hi Catherine
It should come up tomorrow or later today. I'm never sure with the time difference when posts will show. Thank you for visiting my blog

Anonymous said...

The flowers are absolutely beautiful.

Aliadelaide said...

they got quite addictive after a while Gillian;once I'd figured how to do them!!