Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The feast of St Patrick

I have posted here on previous St Patrick day celebrations

We started our celebration of  this feast day the evening before with my first and only attempt to cook corn beef! 
I don't know why corn beef is a traditional food for this feast day and am hoping one of my blogging friends can enlighten me but I do know that it will never be a favorite in our family!!
With various comments ,after saying grace, such as"why is it pink" "I thought you said it was cooked" "phew what's that funny smell" "well I don't like cabbage" "Mummy darling can I please have weet-bix for tea", the meal progressed. 
The older children were more polite(dishonest?) and after trying it said it was very nice but they just weren't that hungry. Dh was the only one who appreciated it...loved it....and asked if we could have it more often. At any rate he has something to put on his sandwiches for work other than vegemite.
For the actual feast day the boys made pipecleaner trefoils and we displayed some of their handi-work from other years.
As a postscript I should add that both times I was at the shops and the radio was playing it certainly sounds as if South Australians may have "got religion" for March 17th (that said tongue in cheek!)
And as a further postscript a highlight of last evening was a phone call from Brother Duncan 
(I think his is the first picture on the slideshow at the top of this link)in Melbourne. He said that Father Andrew,who is the oldest Capuchin in Australia,turns 90 later this month. Master 7 is making him a card.

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lakeviewer said...

Lovely. This was the first time you made corned beef and cabbage? I make it four, five times a year, cook the corned beef slowly, for hours until tender. I take it out and keep warm in a different pot until the carrots, turnips, potatoes, leeks and finally cabbage are all cooked through. The trick for the veggies is to cook them slowly too, in simmering, not boiling water, so the smells stay in the pot. We use little cabbage, lots of carrots. In essence, just enough vegetables for one meal; these are not good reheated, especially the cabbage.

How polite of your children to accept the food given without complains. My children never liked this meal either. I made it mostly for hubby and me. I'd drop some hot dogs/ sausages for the kiddies to eat with a bun. We are the meat on rye bread the rest of the week.

Yesterday's corned beef and cabbage, I'm happy to report is waiting for a second sitting today. Hurrah. No cooking today... That's great for poor hubby who has had to attend to my every whim due to my shoulder injury.