Thursday, March 05, 2009

Here is Our Lenten Faith Tree:

The leaves for it are kept on our altar. Each day we take out of the small pocket on the front of the leaf and read the passage we are to focus on for Our Lenten Journey. The leaf is then placed on the tree. This tree is not my idea but that of a good friend who has kindly shared it with me.At the end of the Forty days the pockets will find another use(!!)

And here is our grapevine for this year. The boys insisted we need both “trees”. So the faith tree was planted in the schoolroom and the grapevine grows in our living room.
I suppose the boys had a point about needing both, the former focuses on self and ways that we can draw closer to God and live the way He would tell us to; the later helps us to “look outwards” and note the character strengths in others. Its really all about balance!

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