Thursday, March 12, 2009

Little Britches

The boys and I have been listening to Little Britches from audible. I was wondering what to choose for our morning “listen aloud” after

 we finished “The Tale of Desperaux”(more about that for another post. Well I couldn’t 

have chosen better for Lent or for boys. Ds(19) described this as one of the best readalouds you ever did mum, so I was a little concerned that the reader on audible would not match up to mum(lol!). Well enough of worries, both boys and I are hooked. The story has just the right amount of pathos, humor and family life that I remember it as having. It also slips in some “teachable moments” and here is a quote from one of them….I think it might make a good exercise for copybook, don’t you!


“You know a man’s life is a lot like a boat. If he keeps his sail set right it doesn’t make too much difference which way the wind blows or which way the current flows. If he knows where he wants to go and keeps his sail trimmed carefully he’ll come into the right port. But if he forgets to watch his sail till the current catches him broadside he’s pretty apt to smash up on the rock.”….”Son I want you to be a man and do the things men do, but I want you to be a good man. I’m not going to worry about you, but don’t take foolish risks; and give the man who’s paying you a good day’s work. So long partner.” Then he waved to me as he closed the gate. (I think Ralph

might have been about 10yo then!!)

 And here is a quote from Ralph re his father

 “I wish I knew how Father was able to say things so as to make you remember every word of it. If I could remember everything the way I remember the things Father told me, maybe I could be as smart a man as he was.”

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