Sunday, March 15, 2009

"The rain is raining all around"

Adelaide has had three consecutive years of below-average rainfall, including 402.4mm of rain last year compared with the annual average of 549.2mm.

So far this year 13.2mm of rain has been recorded, compared with the average to the end of March of 58.3mm.

 Which was why I took joy in recording the rain earlier today!


Mary said...

I'm lovin the rain - I even had a little sing song thing going on!

Aliadelaide said...

I know,and that smell of damp weather! taking the kids to their violin concert practice walking across damp piles of bark, or putting on the oil heater to dry clothes on the clothes horse in front of the "fire",gotta love all things autumn...please God bring on the autumn...we're ready for it!!
May your sing-song continue all week Mary!!

lakeviewer said...

Hi Aliadelaide,

What a beautiful name! I too chose not to send my children to Catholic schools. I wanted them to be exposed to many points of view and ask questions in all settings. We moved to neighborhoods that had the very best public schools. That meant that we had to stretch our budget, and our commutes. Years later, I still think those were great decisions.

Two of my three children are teachers in public and private settings. My daughter owns and runs a music school. My son is a middle school science teacher.

When I retired from a long career of teaching and administration I chose to run for school board, right in the town where I retired.
What made you decide to homeschool your children?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...could you send some our way, please? Our annual rainfall is 425 mm, but we haven't had much lately. I am so looking forward to winter, just for the rain.

Aliadelaide said...

So know what you mean "Homeschoolmum4Christ'.When it started to rain a teeny bit after Mass sat. night I thought of that chorus"if you're thirsty and dry lift your hands to the sky its beginning to rain" yes I know that's referring to a different kind of rain but more of the H2O sort would be really nice just now!!

Aliadelaide said...

Dear lakeviewer
I hope you have got to my post that answers in part why we started homeschooling...why we continued will be answered in the second post on this topic.