Monday, March 16, 2009

On being seven

Above is a picture of youngest son who is the same age as his parents were when these photos were taken in the dinosaur age.
Dh doesn't remember the day his was taken but I still remember the photographer giving me Barbara Crawford's "chewed" pencil to hold and my disgust at having to take the pencil and have a book with "baby sums" in front of me. This was my last full year at Mt Carmel primary school, the next year I went to Meadowbank Primary and because it was a state school all the little girls at the Catholic school were no longer allowed to associate with me.
Still the state school had its more yard ruler being pushed into your stomach for inattentiveness , an enormous playground, loads more friends...and Iwas introduced to the wonder of books...and I discovered I could read them!! Wow a truely new world opened up and has been growing bigger ever since.
I can also be really greatful to our family doctor who insisted that for our health and especially my mother's health that my brother and I were moved from our first school because it was the beginning of a journey that was essential in bringing me back to my Catholic faith.It has been a very "roundabout" pathway at times but I think each step was part of Him forming me in a way that there would be no compromise in my love of His church when I did return.

Anyway if you read this post please at least comment on the photos/family likenesses etc


lakeviewer said...

These are lovely family photos. I see from your comments, using the little boy's narrative point of view that the decision to go homeschooling was important, as important as the accompanying decision to get closer in the faith.

Many people will understand your stand.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison,
Wow, your son looks so much like you, and your brother looks so much like your son that they could be taken for twins!

Mary said...

Well - I can see two of your lovelies in these photo's. Eldest daughter being your spitting image.