Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sunday at the zoo

Last Sunday my oldest daughter took her youngest brother to the zoo.
They had a wonderful time,one of the most exciting moments being an echidna walking across the path very close to them.


Mary said...

Sounds like some fun was had. When does second youngest get to go?

And when do WE get to go to P.A. ?

Let's do it!

lakeviewer said...

I'd love talking to you, one Catholic to another, one educator to another. The trouble with followers is the lack of good manners young folks possess. They stalk each other, actually, dropping bullying remarks when things don't go their way. I'm trying to bring courtesy back. If people don't like it, they don't have to follow.

By the way, that post brought out more people to chat.

To get people to follow you, you have to visit them first. Drop in on others's posts, as you did with me. Leave a comment

If they return to visit you, or respond, continue to communicate. Do make a plan to visit five, six new posts each time. It will take a while to get return traffic. It also takes work, responding and following other people's blogs.

About sticking to people you are comfortable with? That's up to you. I try to have varieties, different ages, different professions, different countries.

I hope this helps to get you started.

Aliadelaide said...

Mary: remind me P.A? But why not,I'm game.
lakeviewer: great to have you here and thanks for the advice.
I agree it is good to have a variety of people posting/to visit etc. Its what makes living in community exciting... for instance when we made "moves" to come back to the church, the Priest we were visiting warned us that we'd find the Catholic church rather like a bag of licorice allsorts...wrong warning for was like he'd opened the door...I couldn't wait!!

lakeviewer said...

Let me tell you about my interests:
1. insure quality education regardless of the faith/religious background of students or families

2.identify areas, issues and elements necessary in top rated educational programs

3. promote high quality instructional models of inquiry and delivery.

In other words, I understand the issues in deliving a good program. You might have a certain preference; I'm open to anything that works.

I will lend my expertise and support to promote all education and parental involvement, not just what you might prefer.

After you read what I preach, you may want to drop me. Fair enough, I think, as long as we are fair in hearing each other's out.

You know I was raised and educated in an all Catholic setting, from elementary school through college. I will defend my upbringing; but I will not declare that it is the ONLY way to educate children.

Let me know what other questions you have. I will answer all questions.

Aliadelaide said...

Dear Lakeside
I really like your comment!
While I have chosen to homeschool my children I do not for one moment consider it the "only way" to educate!!
Also if my children were to go to school,it would not be to a catholic one. I happen to think they would have a much better chance of keeping their faith in a public school setting!I know of a family whose son is in Rome now training towards the Priesthood who chose specifically to not send their children to Catholic schools...and they are very orthodox Catholics!
As Charlotte Mason said many years ago "education is an atmosphere,a discipline, a life"
how that is "lived out" in each life will depend upon the individual.
Please feel free to comment...right now I need to "educate" two young gentlemen that it is time for bed!!