Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Lenten Journey Day Twenty-One

Read about the life of St Martin de Porres of Peru, a very compassionate man who not only loved people but animals as well…he even loved rats!!

Here is a quote from this site about him:

"... often we see Martin pictured in his Dominican habit holding a broom, with a mouse and dog at his feet. There is an interesting anectdote about mice. One time there seemed to be a mouse "convention" in the wardrobe room of the monastery, where they feasted on the finest linen garments and sheets, leaving the old ones untouched. Some of the monks wanted to poison the rodents, but Martin would not hear of it. One day he caught a little mouse and held him gently, and said, "Little brother, why are you and your companions doing so much harm to the things belonging to the sick? Look; I shall not kill you, but you are to assemble all your friends and lead them to the far end of the garden. Everyday I will bring you food if you leave the wardrobe alone," After Martin let go of the mouse, there was scurrying from every nook and cranny and the procession started towards the monastery garden. Martin, tall and slender, with long strides, led the mice to their new home. Everyday he brought them a meal and no mouse ever set claw or tooth in the monastery wardrobe."

Meditate on the painting by El Greco of St Martin and the beggar. Remind yourself today that while we may not do great things we are all called to do “small things with great love”think before you say something, this little act might save you from hurting someone and is a practical way we can practice compassion.

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