Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How we came to homeschool Pt 1

Why do we homeschool?
We first heard of homeschooling in the little dairy community of Dargaville way back in 1986. There was a family in the Baptist church we were attending who had started it and were very enthusiastic in its advantages. They were using A.C.E. We found that although there was a Christian school plus a Catholic school(don’t laugh…at the time that’s how I saw the church also!!) the numbers both could take were small and the cost of the Christian school beyond our means.

Homeschooling seemed to us a natural progression from the family focused Playcentre just as Kindergarten lead nicely into school.

So we “played around” for a year with using A.C.E before we came to Australia. 

Quite funny when I remember our progress with A.C.E; we were always behind with sending things in to be marked and I got so sick of not having time to do all the interesting things that 3+4 y.o’s like doing that in the end we chucked it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alison,
Tell me to mind my own business if you like, but I have to ask. We were Baptist, but we now attend the Mid-North Bible Christian Church.

How or maybe why did you convert from Baptist to Catholic? I would have thought that the two religions would have been worlds apart?

We are using ACE, but as a means to an end. Our children want their year 12 certificates.

Where is Dargaville? Perhaps too many questions for you...

lakeviewer said...

What a lovely introduction for me to meet your whole family.
Thank you for inviting me in your fold. You talk about coming to Australia; where did you come from?

lakeviewer said...

Second comment: on my dashboard, I can see part 2 is already written; but I'm still on the western world, just barely Weds., early,1:20 a.m. so, Google is keeping us from the freeway of commerce for a while. Funny, isn't it. Futuristic.

You know that I injured my shoulder and am taking medication that causes me to be awake way past my bed time. Fortunately, there is just hubby and myself in the house. I can get up, walk to the warm office, turn on the computer, and entertain myself for hours. Have a good Wednesday.

Aliadelaide said...

I'm a kiwi and 4 of our 7 children were born there in a little dairy community called Dargaville on the west coast of the north island,north of Auckland.Dargaville was a great place to raise small children but when we left New Zealand(and partly why we left)things were getting difficult economically speaking,farmers walking off their farms,high interest rates etc. The electrical firm dh worked for then, folded shortly after we left as did another leaving only one firm to employ a dozen or so electricians?!! So we came to Adelaide at the right time. And although there are aspects of New Zealand we miss(climate,greenness,being able to have a decent garden)we don't regret our move at all.And all our children consider themselves Australian!!
Have you always lived where you do now?

Mary said...

So, how could I have know you and yours for Sooooo long and not know these specific things?

Keep sharing - ta

Mary said...

I have cheap tickets for Hoyts - valid till 25th. Any movie you are interested in seeing?

Aliadelaide said...

Homeschoolmum4Christ: I am happy to tell you how we came to be Catholic. Can you give me a few days(lol!). I'm sure you'll understand what its like being a busy homeschool mum!!

Dargaville is North of Auckland on the North Island of New Zealand. There used to be a lot of kauri gum dug there. The museum has the masts of the "Rainbow Warrior" and now its just a small town supplying a dairy community.
We have very fond memories of our time there. Hey even the time when there was flooding and the main water pipe to the city burst so the army was called in to bring water around in big trucks...different trucks for grey water and drinking water. I'd just had our 3rd child and so I would get our neigbours child to let me know when she heard the truck(she wasn't at school because naturally they had to close the schools)and which one it was.I think it lasted for about a week.but I'm getting older now and my longterm memory is also playing up!!

Aliadelaide said...

Lakeviewer I don't know what time it is for you,its 9.48pm and I am really tired so am going to bed. Just wanted to say I will pray for your you and your shoulder.Are you in a lot of pain?How do you cope without sleep...I am not good unless I get a regular amount.
I hope you will understand if I don't always publish your comments right away, sometimes life just happens.
And I have 6 other lives still here with me including dh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison,
No, we haven't always been here. My daughter had lived in seven different houses before she was 7! We have lived in Tumby Bay, SA (3 times); Wallaroo, SA; Georgetown SA; Para Hills, SA and here.

However, we did have an end in mind, which was to own our own home, which we do now. :)

lakeviewer said...

It is now 9:30 p.m. and I'm getting ready to go to bed, not that I will necessarily fall asleep, though.

Today I started physical therapy. I had a similar injury ten years ago and p.t. helped tremendously. So, with hope and faith, I walked in, and went in the routines of stretching ever so slowly to measure the extent I can move my arm. (not much). But, I'm on the way.

Thanks for inquiring. I loved your story on how you arrived in Australia. I am Italian. I arrived in America fifty years ago, when I was seventeen. I was all alone, a student at a university, in search of knowledge and adventure. My family had remained in Italy and expected me to rejoin them after four years of schooling. I never returned; I met and married my husband of now fortythree years, who became catholic to be married to me.

Isn't that a lovely story? His willingness to convert for me? He didn't have to, but it was a major reassurance for me at that time. I don't think I told that story to anybody else.

p.s. I still feel Italian, with an American expectation and point of view. We, Americans, even our current president, have relatives all over the world, speak many languages, encompass many cultures and appreciate quality wherever we can find it. (And good-will)

Aliadelaide said...

lakeviewer thanks so much for sharing this. I agree it is truly awe inspiring that your husband converted in that way! a true expression of love and I am sure God has blessed him for this.
Two of my "bestest" friends are Italian. One is from the north and one from the south. The southern one often shares liturgical feast day celebrations with me.And I am sure she would have something special to share about the Feast of St Joseph.I should also add that here family were very much responsible for me returning and the rest of my family coming back to the church.
Where abouts in Italy are you from?Do you still speak the language?
Well enough of questions I wish you a good sleep in your night!
God bless!

+JMJ+ said...

Hi Alison, thanks for visiting my blog! I am enjoying reading your blog now! In fact, I was entranced by the music and went to look and saw that it was Secret Graden and I have one of their CDs. We like the same music.

God bless you and your beautiful family!