Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Lenten Journey Day Seventeen

Remember when you played dress-ups and clomped about in someone else’s shoes? Today try to demonstrate compassion for someone by imagining yourself as them for a moment and how that might feel. Think of a little act of kindness you can make to show your compassion.


Mary said...

Nice reminder. I shall try.

Mrs.Pogle said...

I am loving your posts about your Lenten Journey! :D

Mrs.P (formerly AutumnRose) xx

Aliadelaide said...

Hallo Mrs Pogle
Thanks for dropping by my faithful friend even though I haven't been on your forum for ages, thank you for staying constant...when I manage to budget my time better...who knows?!! No that's a lame excuse because its said if you want to do something enough you'll make time to do it...but then if time is finite and you have lots of people to see places to go etc how does one fit it all in...enough i'm rambling, but I'll pass on your enjoyment to my friend Anna whose original ideas the Lenten journey are(I just adapted them for my boys)