Sunday, October 10, 2010

Being a beautiful afternoon we weren't disappointed with the colour of the sea and sky.

However we were surprised as we walked down the steps at the point overlooking horse-shoe bay to see so many people sitting on the rocks.
Why they looked as if they could have been attending a performance and a very entertaining one at that!

Well we were right they were spectators, a small audience if you like, and we joined them to watch the dark glossy performers go through their act. It got a bit smelly at times, a sort of fishy smell, perhaps some of the comedians were still "playing" with their lunch.

Unfortunately we couldn't get close enough to take some good pictures so these will have to suffice as memory prods.
After all that sitting still it was time to explore the rocks and surroundings,

clamber down into tiny coves and examine the brightly arrayed foreshore.

Just as we were leaving and had clambered back up over the rocks to our waiting car a fellow holiday-er asked us if we had spotted the whales?Whales!? Surely it was too late for whales to visit this coast,by now they would be on their way to their feeding grounds in Antarctica. Well most of them were but apparently this female and her cub were a little late in making their departure. Now before you ask,my eyesight has not deteriorated to the extent that I mistake a rock for a whale.

We did see the mum-and-bub surface several times unfortunately what the eye can see the camera is not quick enough to capture. So I leave you with the rocks where we spotted them and who knows maybe if your eyes are better than mine or your imagination greater you might just glance them as they slip gracefully away to join their companions further south!

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