Saturday, October 02, 2010

Kings Beach

It was a beautiful day when we found Kings Beach. The sky was practically cloudless and the sea such a brilliant blue,everything seemed to shine!I can't stop commenting on everything in flower and this day was no exception. I don't know if its because last Spring somewhat passed me by(!) but its like I'm at a special opening night performance of this piece of music.
 Not that the boys were as excited with the "darling buds of spring".With them it was much more "hey this is the best adventure playground ever!!"(and have you noticed how tame purpose built ones of these are now!(if you haven't just ask my boys...or your own kids!)

To the left of the panoramic views,blooms and rocks mum and I noticed this farm house. It's on my wish list. Just imagine waking up to  these views  every morning!
I could stand living here!
can you go to the beach and not get wet!
made it to the top again!
blooming pink

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