Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Nature table

We have a wonderful nature table that is used to display many treasures and finds. Its arrangement used to be part of my job description but I am pleased to see that the boys are preferring to do this their own way more and more.
examining a specimen

one son's coral collection,in its own drawer

our current display.Go ahead and see how much you can name!

front of the nature table showing the cupboard and generously-sized drawers.

last of the love-birds(we once had five!)and a very noisy piano accompanist!

our one remaining very timid budgie also lives close by.

haven't got a clue what this is(ds says its a gall)but it was found at the Barossa gold fields.

one highly prized butterfly

honey comb found down by the river(it includes real dead bees the boys assure me!!)

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