Friday, October 08, 2010

 When I awoke this morning the first thing I did
  I saw this beautiful sun-rise through the kitchen   window. It was a much deeper colour than the photos show,but I wanted to remember it,hence the photos.

 Now some of my kids say I take way too many pictures and they might are right, I do. I admit it!
 But if I'm too selective I just might miss that special one, right again? Blame it on my failing eyesight(which has never been that great),obsessive-compulsive behaviour but what the heck I like taking photos!!

 Don't they look studious1 Actually it was a pretty good day work wise. We do have a separate room which is named "the schoolroom" but we seem to be more relaxed and yet more gets done when we use the dining-room table. Also after the last rodent influx in said room I'm not happy to spend to long out there!
So the boys use it for their strategy games(lots of floor space!), the rabbit,turtle and two birds mostly live there and our books and other resources spill over into it.

And the flower? Well just because I like columbines don't you!

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