Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crazy birds!

We have these really dumb birds in our yard. Yeh I know its not politically correct to use the term dumb any more...even to a bird but this family of doves really beats all! Each year they breed in the verandah roof of one of our buildings. Each year we watch them raise their chicks to a certain level of maturity. Each year I take cute pictures of said birds, until each year some catastrophe inevitably happens and at least one of their offspring doesn't get to be part of "the begats". But undeterred those that remain will be back each year to nest in the same place!

Today youngest son and I witnessed the babies on our out-door shoe-cupboard calling for mamma or pappa bird. Both parents seemed quite unconcerned about their offspring and this necessitated ds or myself dashing out doors to rescue one of the babies when they were stuck behind the cupboard or in a shoe! Eventually one of the parents turned up. Junior then attempted to climb on parent for a piggy-back back up to the nest. Mum/dad were equally certain that this wasn't going to happen."You got down on your own momentum son,you should be able to get up again..." They fed their offspring the yummy predigested food to energize the young ones but carry them they would not."Learn to fly on your own wings,that's what I say". Finally when university wearied son returned home he donned gardening gloves(birds will reject younguns who smell like stinky humans!)and replaced the babies in the nest, where we wait further chapters of this birdy saga,

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