Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Geraniums and a walk in the rain

 I think I must have looked kind of crazy today!

Yesterday was unseasonally warm(30C) and I don't think it dropped much below 24 last night.
Today seemed to start off as a "kind-of-can't-make-up-my-mind"day;a few spots of rain early morning, then a little bit of drizzle then fine then about an hour or so ago steady rain.

Don't worry I don't mind the rain! The light today too has given the flowers an almost fluorescent hue,magical somehow.

Anyway getting back to my crazy moment! I decided after playing around with this blog for a bit and sort of getting used to bloggers new way of posting pictures that it might be an dea to take a walk amongst the flowers!

Of course by then it had started raining! But that just made it better for taking pictures,don't you know.
My oldest son says he can tell I'm happy when I post pictures of our garden(or words to that effect)

And so Duncan here are some happy photos just for you....

 Yes I do love being in the garden this time of year,and I do love the flowers that bloom there now. Can't you tell geraniums are one of my favourite flowers.

They remind me that no matter how dry, how hot, and how deserted the garden appears in  our hottest months it will return again to delight me next spring.

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