Saturday, October 02, 2010

Granite Island

We had a wonderful time at Granite Island with grandma! The ride over on the horse=drawn tram is always memorable. We chose to ride on the outside to enjoy the fantastic sunshine...and of course the views. Ours was only the second tram over.

 Wandering along these paths makes me feel as if we are stepping out of time a little

We did manage to spot the odd bird close up!

And of course the boys discovered different routes to well remembered rocks.

 I remember ,more than a few years ago. visiting the island and there were little wallabies there.Today we didn't even spot a penguin,though we showed grandma where they nest.

The island was literally blooming with colour.Not just the flowers either, though they certainly made a lively carpet!But also the amazing colours on the rocks,the backdrop of the dazzling sea and even the colours in some of the bird life.

Too late to spot any whales this visit,perhaps next time!

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