Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Let's celebrate"

let the procession begin!
About a thousand people began the procession which marked Sunday's celebration of the Canonisation of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop.when we and unofficial celebrators joined the crowd at Bartell St, the numbers had increased to three thousand. Not a large number but a very positive occasion to be part of. Because we had a baby in our group we were invited to join the walk at the rear which was fortunate as we were blessed to hear the bagpipe played as we marched.

never too young to celebrate!
"Monsignor Cappo said it was a "hugely important" occasion for Catholics.
"This is very much part of history," he said.
"It's not only the first Australian Saint but the first Saint who lived and worked here in Adelaide - who knew exactly where we're standing now around the cathedral, all through the streets of Adelaide - she knew all these streets.
"To think now she's about to be proclaimed a Saint to the whole world is an incredible experience that will be a very uplifting experience for the Catholic community."
we gather to join the marchers

If you did something special to celebrate this wonderful day please share in the comments...don't be shy... After all we are a people who love to celebrate God in our life!

walking with friends

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