Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introducing a new family member

Want to play a guessing game? Can you tell what our latest family member is?Hints:he is about 90 days old and furry and cute and adorable. He was found at the base of a tree by one of dh's workmates yesterday. He thinks his pink towel ("pink is the new red") makes him a seriously new age"i love pink" kind of guy. He loves curling up close to other family members(hair and necks are some favorite choices!)Each day he is with us is a bonus.He needs to be fed evey 4 hours(any takers for the 2am feed?).We are thinking of naming him "ringo-you're -a-star"(now that sounds original doesn't it!!) because he's such  a tough little fellow.(He actively sought his 6pm feed...go ringo! Forgot to add one rule to game:Tracey doesn't get to play.(but she knew that anyway,right)Thanks Tracey for the scales etc am off to measure some powder now.


Anonymous said...

So cute.
Glad to hear that 'he who shall remain unspecified' is doing well.

jenny said...

Hi animal loving friend. I'm in google, I'm modernising (slowly)!! Just wanted to say, your baby is rather cute!!
Take care. Jenny.

Buckland said...

Absolutely no idea. He is very cute though. :-)