Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Derring Do Mary"

As part of our celebration of the canonization of Blessed Mary McKillop, the boys completed this art work. They are not original ideas but pictures copied from other sources. However in copying them,they have added their own style and personality to the work.
Tonight in his homily Father stressed how Mary never became bitter, when life and people seemed to be working against her. She had such a strong desire to live out the Gospel message of love, that judgment and criticism were not options.Her zeal was for the poor and marginalized but in a sense they were not her mission. Her mission was to show forth the power of God in her daily life where God put her and amongst those people and circumstances He chose her to love.

I also learned something new from Father's homily regarding the naming of a person by the Church as Blessed or Saint. apparently when a person is Beatified they are given to the country of their birth as a special person whose life the people of that country can meditate on but in canonization Mary will be given to the whole Church,to the world.More on this can be found at this site.


Erin said...


What incredible drawings, they are very talented.

Aliadelaide said...

Thanks very much Erin
As I said,the boys' work is not original,but copied, but I passed on your appreciation,it is always nice for our children to get praise from outside their family! Hope you are keeping well.