Friday, October 15, 2010

More of Duncan in East Timor

with Sr Ma'lou 
Bidau orphanage and my favorite picture!
 Firstly apologies to Duncan for the "out of order" sense of these pictures. There are many others with places you visited and people you met. But these are my favorites because they have you in them!
view of Dili
We have certainly appreciated a glimpse into your two weeks time there!

Hmm being your mother i wonder if you were supposed to be climbing in the truck! Sure makes a great photo though!

And I remember you saying how much the kids at the orphanage loved you taking them for rides in a wheelbarrow...I just didn't realise how small it was!

at Laleia
at Baucau

Another picture I have to share with your old young recorder teacher ! I'll bet she'd never have imagined her pupil playing for children in East Timor one day! Baroque?

This looks like some of the games you have played with your youngest brothers,only this time I'd say you were seriously outnumbered!

with the Friars

Br Duncan + Br Ben

And this last picture so reminds me of a village scene from your dad's and my time in Tonga before you were born. In fact change the vegetation a little and I can see a lot of parallels. I know I learned a lot from the villagers of Hofoa, in terms of how to live joyfully and with laughter and fun in spite of the "obstacles" to doing so the world seem to throw at you and it would appear that you have experienced something similar too!

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Duncan said...

Hi Mum, thanks for posting the photos. Yes I did learn much over there, not least about the different priorities people have, and how they make the most of the few oppurtunities for improvement they have. Puts most Aussie students to shame.
And don't worry about the truck- thats what all the kids rode in. Also I was dancing in that other pic, but it does look like I'm wrestling. It was hard match my big steps with their small steps!