Sunday, October 24, 2010

Graduation Concert: a rose for you mum

One important part of the Suzuki method of learning an instrument is graduations. And an important part of graduations is the Graduation concert. A graduation put simply is where a child demonstrates their ability to play at  particular level. This is the first year the children had to be filmed for their graduation rather than just submit an audio tape.

Being videoed means one can't get away with sloppy stance or other visible technique errors. I will do a post with the boys graduation performances when the dvd's are returned.

This post as I said is about a Graduation Concert where things didn't play out perfectly...or did they?
Oldest son stood to play his piece(he had been a little disconcerted in the car driving here that the ipod with concerto in a minor(1st movement) by Vivaldi had been left at home. Unlike some who can over listen I have learned that he can't listen too much and that right up to playing is just enough! Anyway he began to ply. Not an exceptional performance(which he had done in a previous concert...and that;s not a mummy brag but a quote from his teacher and others!) but ok. Then it happened...he hesitated...he stopped...he felt as he said later " what do I do, do I go back and start over or do I continue, and continue with what". Then all thanks goes to Judy our wonderful accompanist. Truly I have never heard anyone say anything negative about her, she is so patient,so unflappable,so very giving. She stopped accompanying and played Toby's part and he started listening,and then slowly and more confidently playing and right to the end where he finished on a flourish! I was so proud of them!
As well as their beautiful graduation plaque each child received a red rose. Both sons insisted that I have theirs.

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